Integra Castings

Integra Castings

An ISO 9001:2015 certified gray & ductile iron foundry with the ability to melt, mold and core a wide variety of materials.  We are proud to work with you to create customized solutions for your project while maintaining the strictest quality assurance guidelines.

A division of The CTD Group
focused on gray & ductile iron castings.

Having joined The CTD Group in 1990, Integra Castings high production No-Bake line can produce castings up to 1,000 lbs. Our large no-bake line produces 1,000 to 4,500 lbs castings with excellent dimensional stability. As an added quality improvement process, Integra Castings filters all poured metal to remove any non-metallic inclusions detrimental to machining and casting integrity.


  • Two Inductotherm coreless induction furnaces have the capacity of 130,000 lbs poured per day.


  • No-bake continuous mixer complete with power roller conveyor; roll-over draw and mold manipulators for producing castings weighing up to 1000 lbs.
  • No-bake continuous mixer utilizing flask molding system for producing castings weighing 1000 to 4500 lbs.
  • 20 ton/hr shakeout and sand cooler.
  • 3 ton/hr thermal sand reclamation unit.

Core Making:

  • No-bake continuous mixer for large close tolerance coring. Complete with automated loop and rollover for larger core boxes
  • CB-22 Cold Box core machine

Materials we are able to cast at Integra Castings:

  • Variety of Gray Iron, ranging from Class 20-Class 50
  • 60-40-18: a ferritic grade material with high elongation
  • 65-45-12: a standard ductile iron used for structural castings
  • 80-55-06: ideal where higher tensile and wear resistance is required
  • 100-70-03: the best choice for high tensile strength requirements, including gears and splines
  • Austempered Ductile Iron

Quality Assurance:

  • Spectro Spectrometer analysis.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • Electro-Nite and Leeds and Northrup quick lab metal analysis.
  • Chemical verification by outside lab.
  • Physical test bars analysis by outside Lab.
  • Sand lab analysis.
  • Statistical Process Control throughout the manufacturing process, including:
    • Base metal chemistry.
    • Final metal chemistry.
    • Mold testing.
    • Ultrasonic testing.
    • Poured metal verification.
    • Brinell hardness testing.
    • X-Ray testing by independent lab.
All necessary documentation can be supplied to support customer requirements.

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Integra Castings information sheet

Custom Machining:

To complete your Integra supplied casting, the CTD group provides full service custom machining capabilities from its two locations: Canadian Tool and Die Ltd. and CTD Machine Works.